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One of the things I truly miss about living in London is the endless choice of amazing restaurants. And yes, they are good! But, you know when a friend tells you about a great restaurant, you write it down and then you lose the note or forget about it… Thank god you can create lists within Foursquare! This completely solves this problem.  With Foursquare lists you can create a list and share it. You can do this on both website and within the app, so perfect for on the go :) I often use Foursquare to check reviews or find something near me.

I have created a Foursquare list with many London restaurants. You can see which restaurants I’ve already been and which are still on my to-do list. Below are a couple of my favourite restaurants:

Amazing Spanish tapas bar in SOHO. It’s very small and you eat at the bar/kitchen, so not a great place for groups, but amazing for a romantic dinner for 2 :) There is often a massive queue as well, but it’s so worth it! During the queue you can have a glass of prosecco and some bar snacks. Once you sit down, you can see your food being prepared in front of you and it is absolutely delicious! They have a great choice of special tapas. On average, the tapas are between £4 –  £12. They also have excellent wines.

Hoxton Grill
American grill kitchen in the heart of Shoreditch! A good restaurant to go with a group of friends. They have an easy menu with great options. You can choose from various starters to share and the price for a main course varies between £8 – £16. They also have char-grill options which are a bit more expensive, but very good! After dinner you can stay around in Hoxton as the DJ will turn up the volume and you can enjoy their lovely cocktails.

Ok, if you’re looking for a good steak then Gaucho it is! I had the best steak in my life here. I prefer Gaucho over Hawksmoor (which is also a lovely steak restaurant, don’t get me wrong), but I had a lovely sirloin steak at Gaucho and it was just perfect. The sides are also very tasty. It is a bit pricy, steaks between £15 – £50, but they are worth it! Gaucho have multiple locations in London.

Iberica tapas
You’ve might noticed that I love tapas :) And yes, Iberica is another tapas bar. They have multiple locations and I’ve been to the recently opened location near Farringdon station. The atmosphere is very nice and the staff is also very friendly. They have high quality cured meat & cheeses and tapas are between £4 –  £20. They also serve massive jugs with different sorts of Sangria, very good combination with the tapas.


Bread Street Kitchen
This is one of Gordon Ramsey’s restaurants near St. Pauls Kathedral. It has a simple, affordable but very tasty menu. I’ve been there for breakfast and I had the mushroom omelette with gruyere cheese. I thought an omelette is an omelette, so this can be super special, but wow! This one was soo good! I am curious what they did with it, because this was absolutely delicious and filling! The service is super friendly here and the interior is great!





Written by Lovely Dutchy

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