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Seriously delicious healthy brownies! Healthy brownies Full view

Seriously delicious healthy brownies!

Yes, I am serious! And I am quite critical when it comes to a decent sweet treat (check out my previous post on how to make Millionaire Shortbread…with lots of sugar…and butter…and caramel, oh and yes, chocolate..mmmm..) But I need to get back on track as well and can’t eat unlimited amounts of these millionaire treats unfortunately. I’ve read a lot of recipes for healthy mugcakes, brownies, oat muffins, healthy cookies etc.  and I’ve tried a couple but they weren’t that great to be honest…Or the list of ingredients was very long, only available at specific stores and not at your local supermarket. But I found a super easy recipe and it is delicious! I promise.

– 1 cup medjool dates
– 1 cup pecan nuts
– 2 tbs cocoa powder
– honey to taste (I used 1/2 tbs)

Cocoa powder\

You need a blender or kitchen machine. I used this thing that came with my mixer:


1. Blend the pecan nuts first on its own until they are chopped. Don’t chop them too small, it should not become a flour substance.
2. Add the medjool dates without the pit. It’s important to use medjool dates as they are extra goey and sticky :)
3: Add 2 tbs of cocoa powder and the honey and blend all again until it becomes one big substance. I added a tiny bit of water at the end so it became a bit more sticky, but at the end it was one big substance.
4. This is the hardest part: place it in a brownie tin and place in the freezer for like an hour…

brownie tin


Ok,so I removed it after half an hour and it was so good! When it’s in the freezer for a while it sets and you can cut it more easily in small pieces (or big pieces :)

Enjoy this seriously healthy and delicious brownie!


Written by Lovely Dutchy

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