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My top 5 health & food apps

For the people who know me, they know I love my phone and that I have a ridiculous amount of apps on my phone (yes, about 150+ but I always say it’s work related ;-) Today, I want to share my favourite apps I use for health and food inspiration.

7 Minute Workout Challenge
There are many 7 minute workout apps these days as it is apparently scientifically proven that you can get fit and slim in just 7 minutes! Well…unfortunately this is not totally true if you’re keep eating burgers and drinking G&T’s, but hey at least you’re moving ;-) I do this routine every morning to kick-start my day and I do believe in the effect of it. I am doing this now for 5 weeks and I do see results. You will notice that the exercises will become more easier in time and I get more toned in my legs and arms! The exercises are simple to perform, do not require any equipment and can be done anywhere.  And it’s just 7 minutes! What I like about this app is that it keeps track on your activities and you can get badges and rewards. For example, you get badges when you exercise early in the morning, or when you performed the 7 minute workout every day, for a week. Also, when you perform the 7 minute workout for 2, 4 or 8 weeks in a row you unlock other 7-minute routines. This app is not free as it comes with these extra’s, but it’s worth it and the app coaches you through the 7 minutes. To give you an idea, these are the exercises you perform for 30 seconds each:
– jumping jacks
– wall sit
– push-ups
– abdominal crunches
– chair step-ups
– squats
– tricep dips
– plank
– high knees running in place
– lunges
– push up with rotation
– side plank left & right

You can download the app for € 1.79 for the iPhone and Android.

This app is amazing to discover new recipes! It combines all recipes from various major recipe websites. The app also has great features! For example, search on an ingredient that you have in the fridge and you will get loads of recipes with this ingredient. You can also add ingredients you don’t like so the app won’t show recipes with it. I really can’t stand cilantro for example as I think it tastes like dish washer detergent…You can also create shopping lists or scan items in the store and find related recipes. Yummly is THE app every foodie needs to have on their phone to get inspiration for new recipes. Yummly is free and available for both iPhone and Android.

Perfect Fit
Perfect Fit
When you start your journey to become more healthy it is very important to keep track on your progress. This app is perfect to track your ‘before & after’ pictures and other measurements such as weight loss and how much cm you’ve lost around your waist etc. I was always struggling with taking good photos that are aligned and easy to compare. This app does it all for you! The photos are automatically layered and you can create a slideshow and video. All the photos are also aligned with the ‘mask’ function which means that you see the other photo as a watermark on your screen, super easy! No more photos that are from different angles, backgrounds etc. The app is from Karena & Katrina, the girls from Tone It Up and is available for iPhone only and costs € 2.69.

Tone it up
Tone It Up
This is actually the main app from Karena & Katrina and great if you want an easy overview of all their workout video’s. It is great for daily motivation, updates and you can also get instant access to the Tone it up community, but I mainly use this app for all their workout video’s. They are all categorised by muscle group, so you can easily search the workout you want to do, or to squeeze in a mini ab-workout for example :) The app costs € 0.89 and is available for iPhone only.


I’ve had many apps to keep track on my runs, but Runkeeper is by far the best! You can track your running activities, view the map afterwards and see your pace, distance and speed. You can also fill in your goal to get a specific training plan, or add your own schedule. It’s also easy to listen to your music as it is integrated with your phone’s music app. You can also choose to get a ‘coach’ that tells you your speed, distance every 5 minutes for example. Runkeeper can also sync with various apps to keep track on your calories, sleep or weight! You can also follow your friends on Runkeeper to see their journey and to motivate each other. You can also get an Elite version so that your friends can follow you with Runkeeper Live tracking and you will get more stats to compare and rank your activities. Runkeeper is free and available for iPhone and Android.

Written by Lovely Dutchy

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