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Classic Tiramisu

I love Italian food and this is a classic Italian dessert. This is my first homemade tiramisu and the recipe is from the cookbook De Zilveren Lepel (The Silver Spoon). They say it’s the bible of authentic Italian home cooking, so I thought the recipe must be good then :) I normally would not always choose for tiramisu in a restaurant as the cake can often be too soaky or they can put too much alcohol in it (jup, maybe some of you won’t believe it but sometimes alcohol can destroy the flavour ;-)


  • 2 egg whites, 4 egg yolks
  • 150gr icing sugar (poedersuiker)
  • 400gr mascarpone
  • 200gr sponge fingers (lange vingers)
  • 175ml freshly brewed extra strong coffee
  • 200gr chocolate, grated
  • cocoa powder, for dusting


  1. Stiffly whisk the egg whites in a grease free bowl. Beat the egg yolks with the sugar in another bowl until pale and fluffy.
    Egg whites & yolks
  2. Gently fold in the mascarpone and then the egg whites.
    The mascarpone mixture
  3. Make a layer of the ladyfingers and brush them evenly with coffee.
    lady fingers covered with coffee
  4. Cover with a layer of the mascarpone cream and sprinkle with the grated chocolate.
    second layer
  5. Continue making layers until the bowl is full and end with a layer of mascarpone cream.
  6. Dust with cocoa and chill in the fridge for about 3 hours.

I’ve made 2 bowls as the mascarpone cream didn’t all fit in the oval shaped bowl. You have to be a bit patient and wait for a couple of hours before you can taste it, but it is simply delicious. The sponge fingers become cakey, but not too much, it is just perfect!


Written by Lovely Dutchy

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